Buy-Back or Exchange

We understand that over time your style or taste may change. That is why we have created a buy-back or exchange program. Under this program, certain eligible items that we have sold may be returned for credit toward another item or to get what you need to finish your latest project. Reach out to us at our contact us page here for further inquiries.

Estate Buyout

If you or someone you know has been entrusted with an estate and is struggling to liquidate, we at Zaza's may be able to assist with the task. Why choose us over an auction? Auctions often tend to result in the items being sold for less than they're worth because of time constraints and their target demographic. Unlike an auction we are willing to dedicate our resources to ensure thatyour items are sold at their current market worth. Under this program we are able to either purchase your items at a flat rate or give you a consignment rate as a percentage of what the items are sold for. Please reach out to us via our contact page here

We "Pick" Properties

We handpick treasures that you may not know you had. Call us with any properties you have including barns, basements, attics, abandoned buildings, or factories.

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